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#1 Boost You Curb Appeal- You only get one first impression, so the exterior appearance of your home is as equally important as the interior. For an easy upgrade, power wash siding and side walks, re-mulch and weed your garden, wash windows, and fix all damaged screens or loose house numbers. During the winter and summer months when windows are closed due to heat and air conditioning, it is best to remove screens and store them safely. This gives the home a crisper look and makes for easier cleaning.

#2 The Cleaner the Better- Make sure your home is sparkling clean. Vacuum and mop floors, clean all surfaces and be sure not to forget to dust those fans! Scrubbing your grout, if you have tiles, can make a world of difference in your bathroom or kitchen. Use a baking soda/water paste for a deep clean, followed by a white vinegar solution to ensure a crisp finish. If homemade solutions do not appeal to you, Clorox makes for a great surface cleaner. Deep cleaning your carpets is a great idea as well. Steam cleaners can be easily purchased or rented from a local store. REMEMBER the first thing that will ruin a showing is a foul smell so don't be afraid of a little febreeze!

#3 Declutter- Your main goal is to have the prospective homebuyer come through the door and feel as though they are walking into their new home. Clutter makes it incredibly difficult for the client to envision the space as their own. Organize and minimize. A good rule of thumb- if you haven't used it in a month, pack it up. To reach a happy medium, display a few well fitting decorations and vase of seasonal flowers. This will leave your home feeling welcoming, spacious, and livable.

#4 Keep it Neutral- If you are thinking about repainting before listing, keep the colors neutral. I suggest Antique White by Sherwin Williams for a warm, neutral feel. Buying and repainting can be extremely daunting to some so by keeping your walls neutral shades many won’t feel the need to repaint right away, if at all. While some people enjoy a pop of color, vibrant or distracting patterns can take away from a room and leave it feeling small and chaotic.

#5 Rearrange Furniture- Make sure all rooms are functional and can be easily navigated, excess furniture should be put in storage or sold. Each room needs to have a function and the furniture should fit accordingly. Many people arrange their furniture towards the location of the television which can leave the room jumbled and sloppy, consider pulling family room/ living room furniture away from the walls and arrange a cozy conversation seating area. By removing the leaves on your dining room and kitchen table you allow more space to open up, giving the feel of a larger room.

#6 Good Lighting- Make sure that you check all light fixtures in the home and replace burnt out bulbs. Blinds and shutters should all be repaired if damaged. A well lit room during a showing gives a warmer feel and makes it easier for buyers to view the space.

Remember, staging can be done with a few easy changes that won’t cost a fortune. Be open to change and reap the benefits!

You don't have to do it alone! If staging your home sounds daunting, don't worry. When listing with The Debbie Reed Team, we have a certified staging specialist. Feel free to contact us for more information or request one of our Staging Packets for more detailed tips!