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South Rehoboth

Between the South side of Rehoboth Ave. with its kitschy shops, tasty restaurants, hotels, motels, spas and coffee houses and serene Silver Lake rests the charming neighborhood of South Rehoboth. Being only three blocks deep, each home in this community provides an easy walk to the beach, complete with sidewalks and mature trees offering shade for the journey. Both North and South Rehoboth are popular among renters and owner/residents alike, offering great opportunities for investment buyers as well as those purchasing a beach house for personal use.

South Rehoboth ends at the beautiful Silver Lake, a 45-acre freshwater lake that is home to flocks of ducks, Canada geese and other aquatic birds, fish, several species of water turtles and one blue heron. Homes adjacent to Silver Lake include romantic gazebos on the lake that provide a lovely, quiet spot for reading, fishing or enjoying pleasant conversation.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Funland, a popular destination for the younger set, is found on the South Rehoboth Boardwalk, at Delaware Ave. Funland includes carnival rides and games, a haunted house and fun for all ages.

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