Myth #1 It doesn’t matter with which real estate agent you list your home.
Truth It is critically important which agent you select to market and sell your home!!!

Myth #2 The Debbie Reed Team sells a lot of real estate. Perhaps they’re too busy to pay attention to my listing?
Truth The Debbie Reed Team is very busy doing all of the right things that will get the best results for you.

Myth #3 You should select the agent who says he/she can get you the highest price.
Truth No!...Always select a real estate agent on his/her credentials. Market value is a separate issue.

Myth #4 Pricing a home is a mysterious process.
Truth Your home will sell for whatever the market will value.

Myth # 5 It’s not a good idea to list with an agent who has a lot of listings, especially if they’re in the same neighborhood.
Truth Actually, it’s to your advantage. Buyers looking at other homes may also be introduced to your home by your Realtor.

Myth #6 Broker’s who “discount” commissions can do an adequate job of selling your home.
Truth You get what you pay for!