Selling your property can be more than just a financial decision. It can be an emotional one as well. That is why it is so important to choose the right real estate representative; one who is not a “sales person” trying to sell you on something, but someone who wants to help you accomplish your buyinf or selling venture. In order to do this successfully, your full-service real estate representative must be:

  • Your Marketing Manager
  • Your Listing Manager
  • Your Listing Coordinator
  • Your Marketing Coordinator
  • Your Settlement Coordinator
  • Your Advertising Manager
  • Your Buyers Specialist
  • Your Experienced Negotiator
  • Your Real Estate Professional

The single agent concept just doesn’t get the job done in today’s marketplace. THE DEBBIE REED TEAM is a group of professional specialists dedicated to providing the best real estate  service and advice. The team approach provides the highest level of service for the same price as a single agent.

We are not “jack of all trades, master of none.” We are “jack has one trade and he has mastered it well.” We use unity and strength to serve you. We strive to protect you and your property  investment. We always watch out for your best interest. We work together to achieve one  common goal: your complete satisfaction!  THE DEBBIE REED TEAM built their business on determining what people need and want then finding the way to give it to them.